We champion learning that is more engaging, inclusive and creative

In 2016 Dusseldorp Forum embarked on a new five-year strategy prioritising initiatives that take a holistic approach to young people’s development. You can download our full 2016-2020 strategy here.


We deliver our work through four strategic focus areas:

PARTNER with visionary people and organisations dedicated to improving the long-term learning and health outcomes for vulnerable young Australians.

CONNECT diverse individuals and organisations across sectors to foster collaborative relationships and collective actions to generate more coordinated strategic effort and structural reform.

INSPIRE systems change by communicating solutions, amplifying our partner’s voices and influencing system decision makers.

CREATE an inspiring work environment with expert and dependable support to implement our strategic plan.


Our approach is underpinned by our values, guiding principles and continuous learning.

By 2020 we are aiming to achieve:

  • Improved learning and health outcomes for children and their communities
  • Communities equipped to engage in governance and decision making
  • Collaboration and coordination to address barriers and drive system reform
  • A portfolio of holistic solutions backed by evidence

Find out more about how we partner.