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Learning Choices Expo 24 – 25 May 2006

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In the planning for the Learning Choices Expo 2006, the Dusseldorp Skills Forum has set itself a few very high bars to jump. We want the 2006 Expo to be even better than our first attempt in 2004 to provide a gathering place for people who share a passion for creative and inclusive learning.

This time we want to do more than showcase some 20 of the best Australian and international programs emerging from diverse learning settings; we want to drill down into what makes these programs tick, to reflect and comment upon what the teams of young people tell us about these programs in their presentations.

This time we want to provide an opportunity for those practitioners participating in the Expo not just to share their experiences and knowledge of what’s happening now, but to toss round ideas, to debate and even to dream a little about what might be possible in bringing learning alive.

This time we really wanted to break new ground when it comes to the more formal content – so we’ve gone out and commissioned new research and we’ve dug deeply into what’s on offer not just in Australia but internationally. The line up of keynote speakers, presenters and panellists at Learning Choices Expo 2006, though still to be confirmed, looks set to have you talking and leave you thinking.

And our biggest challenge?

To create in these two days an educational melting pot. After all, what’s so ‘alternative’ about kids loving to learn? What’s so ‘different’ about wanting successful outcomes for ALL young people? And what can we learn from Indigenous programs? How can we work together – young people, teachers, agencies and head office honchos – to create and maintain the best pedagogy in our high schools and secondary colleges?

We want to give innovators and ‘alternative’ educators, high school teachers, training directors, central office managers, policy makers, community agencies, support personnel, policy analysts and the 80 or more young program presenters participating in Learning Choices Expo 2006, this rare opportunity to learn together, to talk, to share and to debate with each other in what you might call an educationally de-segregated environment.

Twin Waters Resort is extremely well set up for conferences whilst at the same time offering a welcoming atmosphere and a range of resort facilities. It is conveniently located only minutes from Maroochydore airport and the hotel provides a competitively priced feeder bus service both from Brisbane and Maryoochydore. There are also some excellent airfare rates being offered by JetStar and Virgin

Learning Choices Expo 2006 promises to be challenging, stimulating, even a little demanding – and just possibly unforgettable!

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