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Logan Together is a whole of city campaign to improve the health and developmental outcomes of all Logan children aged 0-8 and their families through child development and intergenerational poverty strategies. Logan is located between Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast, about 45 minutes from Brisbane. 

Logan has a population of 300,000 people drawn from 215 different cultures. Over half of the population are aged 30 years and younger including 31% under the age of 20 years. The youthful population and high percentage of migrants and refugees has created this vibrant, diverse and dynamic community, but also brings with it its share of challenges. Logan Children are, on average, tracking behind their peers from across Queensland and the nation on a range of indicators of child health, wellbeing and development.

Logan Together is engaging whole-of-community, government, businesses and funders to make this a city that strives to provide each child with the best opportunities in life.  This work is led through the collective impact approach to support the community to work together across all sectors and systems to deliver transformational change and measure impact. 

Dusseldorp Forum and Logan Together began their relationship through an opportunity grant to trial a peer to peer community engagement strategy. The funding supported a dedicated position to coordinate, train and support 200 volunteer ‘community partners’ to connect and support parents to better understand developmental milestones, parenting techniques and where to access specialised services. The relationship quickly developed into a lighthouse partnership, a long-term commitment for five years to build and develop core capacity within Logan Together.