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Trade Secrets

2008 – 2012

How has sustainable trade practice given some businesses the edge in the building and construction industry? We invite you to hear from the businesses themselves, small, medium and large. Watch their stories and learn about why they have become leaders in sustainable practice – and how this now equates to best trade practice.

How can you apply your building & construction skills sustainably? 

Watch and learn from the Skills for the Future online video series.  These videos provide practical information for tradespeople and apprentices about the easiest way to implement sustainable practices into their service.  Developed with the assistance of industry experts, these short films cover all the ‘must knows’ for each trade and provide useful links to online resources and further training.  At 5 mins each you can watch them at home, work or on the mobile!

  1. “Most of my clients come to me knowing that I am interested in experiencing sustainability and that’s as well as doing good architecture”
  2. “The sustainability is trying to be a bit responsible for yourself, your impact on the environment”
  3. “The area of sustainability over the last 5 years has just taken off. Businesses are acting, businesses are thinking much more this is something they need to take seriously”

Sound interesting? This is the place to find out about innovations that are happening in industry, or in small businesses. These are the people who, in changing the way they do business, are changing industry for the better

Skills for the Future video series

For more information on the Skills for the Future online video series please contact caitlin.mcgee@uts.edu.au.


icon Growing the Green Collar Economy (1.07 MB)
icon Gen Green 2008 Survey (3.61 MB)
icon Gen Green 2011 Survey (4.49 MB)
icon Gen Green 2011 Survey – Australian apprentices’ & trainees’ (3.75 MB)

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