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Below you will find information about recent Dusseldorp Forum events.


Festival of Change - 8-10 May 2018

Year Two of the Festival of Change was held from 8-10 May 2018 at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. The lighthouses worked together to articulate what is required to sustain their nation leading work. Read more.  





Festival of Change - 25-26 May 2017

In May 2017 Dusseldorp Forum brought together change-makers from across the country for our inaugural Festival of  Change. Over two days we shared stories and explored how to model and drive real systemic reform and shift long-term  outcomes for vulnerable children and communities. Read more.  





The Creative Collective - 23-24 February 2015

The Creative Collective was launched with a theatrical gala performance, which brought together young performers, their  educators, community members and a diverse audience to Sydney Theatre Company to showcase the young people’s  learning and creativity and the work of their dedicated educators. Read more.