Our Place Model expands across Victoria

For five years Doveton College in Doveton, Victoria has been pioneering an education model with a big difference. The Our Place model makes the school the community hub bringing together high quality early learning, effective schooling, wrap around health and wellbeing services as well as adult education training and employment, all in the one place.

Listen for Literacy

At Dusseldorp Forum we believe that every child deserves to thrive and in order to do so they need to belong to safe communities, have access to inclusive and effective learning and have their wellbeing, mental and physical health needs met.

Logan Get Together

In celebration of their second birthday Logan Together threw a party unlike any other. The ‘Logan Get Together’ was a full day of connecting and engaging.

Addressing the evaluation gap

Doveton College is a place-based approach to meeting the needs of children and families within the community. The College has created a one-stop-shop in which a range of important child, family and community services are integrated with an early learning centre, primary and secondary school on site.

More than a school

Dusseldorp Forum has announced a commitment of $1.5 million over 10 years to strengthen and replicate the Doveton College model in Victoria, recognising that meaningful change takes time and should be funded accordingly.

The School that Changes Itself

Ten years ago, with a visionary principal at the helm, Alberton Primary School in South Australia began to reinvent itself.