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Thriving People and Places

After lots of learning, reflection, and refinement we are very pleased to share with you the vision, values, principles, and work that will take Dusseldorp Forum forward from 2023.

Connecting the dots

This journey has taken us deep into the heart of remarkable, resilient communities that are generating positive impacts in people’s lives and driving changes in inequitable systems that work against collaboration and self determination.

Place-Based Resilience: Community Driven Response and Recovery in a Time of COVID-19

Through the COVID-19 crisis, there are communities across Australia that have demonstrated resilience and innovation, delivering fast and effective action to support children and families when and where they need it most.

Mounty Yarns is a youth-led project sharing stories, expertise, and knowledge from Aboriginal young people with lived experience of the criminal justice system.

Year in Review 2019

Celebrating Dusseldorp Forum’s 30th year, we have been looking back at our origins and reflecting on the impact of the Forum’s work since 1989.

Year in Review 2018

Two years into our new strategy, we are partnering with a number of communities that are achieving real gains. We call them “lighthouse communities” because they are shining a light on how to make better use of new and existing resources, and driving the change they want to see.

The battle to save Sydney’s floral treasures goes through these men

Year in Review 2017

This year the Forum embarked upon a new five-year strategy that supports a holistic approach to young people’s development, to deliver improved education, health and social outcomes for vulnerable children, their families and communities.

Maranguka Cross Sector Leadership Group Case Study

This case study offers important lessons for those wishing to support and respond to Aboriginal community leadership – including politicians, government agencies and philanthropists.

Redifining Reinvestment: An opportunity for Aboriginal communities and government to co-design justice reinvestment in NSW

Education and environment come together at native plant nurseries on NSW school grounds

Our Way: a community led social change movement

Doveton, Bourke, Logan and Kabulwarnamyo are four communities building new community structures that allow for a realignment and smarter use of public resources.

Stories are powerful agents of change – they can build empathy, shift mindsets, build connections, and help people to teach and learn.

Graham and Ed meet Peter from IndigiGrow