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Thriving People and Places

Rejuvenated ecosystems and reduced carbon emissions.

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Thriving People and Places

Culturally diverse and equitable social and political life.

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Thriving People and Places

Redesigned, humane social systems.

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Thriving People and Places

Inclusive economic opportunities.

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We are a family foundation committed to a just and equitable Australian society that is caring, ethical, and recognises and respects our First Peoples.

A good society is socially, culturally, environmentally, and economically prosperous for all. We envision an Australia where communities have the agency to drive the change they want to see, where governments collaborate to reimagine more equal and just systems, and together we shape a society in which we are proud to raise our children. 

Our Work

We provide long-term funding, build connections, support learning and advocate alongside those working towards a better society.

How we Partner

Our principles of action guide how we partner with others.

Current Partnerships

These are some of the organisations and initiatives we partner with to make positive change together.


We bring different people, perspectives and voices together.

Garma Brilliance

Amongst a stringy-bark forest atop an escarpment overlooking the Gulf of Carpentaria, Gulkula is home to the annual Garma Festival. This Gumatj ceremonial Bunggul (dance) site in northeast Arnhem Land, hosts thousands of people from across the country to experience the excellence of Yolngu culture.

Healing the Heart of the Macleay

When Dunghutti woman Jo Kelly speaks about her work, it becomes evident that her decades of experience as a fierce advocate, compassionate leader and community connecter have profoundly shaped her approach today.

Social Justice is Climate Justice

In May 2023 we embarked on a strategy that was explicit in its embrace of climate action. We had found, through decades of partnership with communities across Australia, that the wellbeing of people and place are inextricably bound, and that social justice is climate justice.