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The Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project is a collective impact initiative which brings together government, non-government and self-determining community to work to a common, community-driven plan of action to grow kids up safe, smart and strong.

Critical to success of this work is improved community participation and engagement. The Collective Impact framework to develop a common agenda and shared measures to reduce youth crime and increase community safety.

Committed partners on this project include Just Reinvest NSW, Aboriginal Legal Services, KPMG, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Lend Lease, the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs, and the Australian Human Rights Commission. Under the leadership of Alistair Ferguson, Bourke is demonstrating how community empowerment is essential to create stronger life options for Aboriginal young people.

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This is about giving young people a bigger voice. We want to empower youth to be part of the solution.

Alistair Ferguson, Executive Officer, Community Development, Just Reinvest NSW

Alistair Ferguson