Try’aTrade Croc Skills

An engaging and simple activity involving schools, community and skilled workers in providing hands on ‘Try’aTrade’ opportunities. Includes an overview of a project and a “How-To” manual.

Croc Skills Try’aTrade is a project that introduces students to a variety of trades and jobs in a practical and engaging way.

Skilled tradespeople from the community come together at one venue to work with the students in small groups. They teach the students a skill that is hands-on and that illustrates what their job is like. For example, students work with a plumber to change a washer and clear a trap. The tradespeople also talk to the students about pathways they can take to enter that job and the need to stay at school to ensure they have the necessary skills to take up the education and training. After the event, the students receive a booklet with information about each of the jobs they tried, local apprentice profiles, and local contact details for training programs.

Croc Skills prompts Year 8 & 9 students to start thinking about what they might like to do as a job. Taking the traditional careers market one step further, at a Croc Skills event, students get to actually try each of the jobs on offer, to get a first hand taste of what each job involves and learn some real skills associated with each occupation.

Past Partners

UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures

In 2022 Dusseldorp Forum partnered with UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures to “collaboratively develop and promote thriving intergenerational community-led housing projects” in Australia, using demonstration projects as the primary vehicle, underpinned by the core principle of community self-determination.

Beenleigh Housing and Development Company Community Hub

BHDC Community Hub is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that strives to support, enhance and transform the lives of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Logan Together

Logan Together is a 10-year community movement to grow children up well. It’s a collaboration between the community, service providers, community organisations, government partners and the business community to ensure Logan kids grow up as healthy and full of potential as any other group of Australian kids.