Beenleigh Housing and Development Company Community Hub

BHDC Community Hub is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that strives to support, enhance and transform the lives of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

BHDC is a product of a long-held vision for a sustainable community built on Indigenous principles developed by and for the community. A Community Hub that affords Indigenous people with bespoke housing requirements to suit their needs and aspirations. But also a formidable platform to establish, maintain and grow jobs, training, and businesses as well as activities that directly improve social and cultural outcomes.

BHDC is a community organisation that cares for its people. Indigenous men like myself who want to provide for their families in a culturally relevant way can do so. BHDC has supported me through training and helped to secure two jobs. It is a place that grows people.

BHDC member Ishmael

Our vision is based on the concept of Jinndi Mibunn or the nest of the eagle. The eagle’s nest is a shelter that provides nourishment and protection. It is a place of care that comes from the local land. The young that are nurtured in this nest will always be connected to this land. Their future relies on the quality of the nest.

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Past Partners

Logan Together

Logan Together is a 10-year community movement to grow children up well. It’s a collaboration between the community, service providers, community organisations, government partners and the business community to ensure Logan kids grow up as healthy and full of potential as any other group of Australian kids.


Dusseldorp Forum and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) have partnered to evaluate the effectiveness of the school readiness television initiative called Little J and Big Cuz.

Big Picture Education Australia

Dusseldorp Forum has partnered with Big Picture Education Australia to develop a parallel pathway to university for Big Picture students.