We champion learning that is more engaging, inclusive and creative

The launch of the Creative Collective will champion innovations in education by showcasing, celebrating and encouraging creativity in educational practice.

Hosted in partnership with the Sydney Theatre Company, this two-day event aims to demonstrate why creativity matters.

On February 23, a theatrical gala evening will showcase performances of the children and young people who are thriving in inspiring creative learning initiatives, including the School Drama program, the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern, Beyond Empathy in Moree and the Corroboree Festival in Sydney.

On February 24, Dusseldorp Forum will host a full day teacher development program to explore in depth how to utilise more creative learning strategies within the classroom. The program will feature expert speakers followed by intensive experiential workshops delivered by School Drama; Sydney Story Factory and Beyond Empathy.

School Drama will demonstrate the power of using drama pedagogy with quality literature for improving English and literacy in young learners.


Sydney Story Factory will demonstrate how to create a unique digital story using three different modes of storytelling – written, visual and oral and will explore how to engage communities in storytelling to use as an imaginative resource in the classroom for primary and high school students.


Beyond Empathy will run a masterclass sharing their experience and the lessons learnt from working with communities to strengthen their connection to culture and community.

“Creativity is not an option, it’s an absolute necessity.”

Sir Ken Robinson