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All young people should have access to learning that enables them to gain the knowledge and skills required to realise their potential, build a rewarding future and make informed learning and employment decisions throughout their lives.

However, currently in Australia over one-fifth of school students do not complete high school, leaving school without a Year 12 or equivalent qualification. This places them at a significant disadvantage in attempting to enter the workforce, continue their education and positively engage with their community. At present one in four young Australians are disengaged from both full time education and employment. Despite 15 years of economic growth, this alarmingly high rate of disengagement has not shifted.

Alternative learning programs and initiatives seek to redress this disengagement by stimulating and supporting young people’s engagement in learning both inside and outside of schools. Utilising innovative and flexible learning approaches, while also focusing on developing the social and emotional capabilities of each student, these Learning Choices are vital to raising educational engagement and attainment.

The Dusseldorp Forum has championed Learning Choices for young people for over 10 years. Hosting national expos in 2004 and 2006 the Forum showcased the best Learning Choices programs across Australia. We have commissioned research and developed resources to support the work of alternative learning providers across the country.

The Learning Choices program database is Australia’s first national database of innovative and flexible learning programs where you can search for or add a program. 

Alternative education programs designed to get kids back into education have certain common features … and they work. What’s interesting to me is these are called ‘alternative’ education. When all the evidence around the world is if we all did this there’d be no need for the alternatives.

Sir Ken Robinson, TED Talk How to escape education’s death valley – 2013

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