Whittlesea Youth Commitment

The Whittlesea Youth Commitment (WYC) is a community based intervention strategy designed to enhance opportunities for young people to live and work in a healthy and prosperous community.

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Established in 1998, the WYC was born from a process based on a Spirit of Cooperation Agreement between partners from the local community, including local government, tertiary and secondary education, employment services, community support agencies and employer representatives. The WYC commits each organisation to work separately and together to improve youth transitions, and education, training and employment prospects.

The following resources provide guidance for anyone wishing to implement a similar program in their community. 

Whittlesea Community Team Manual

This manual has been developed to inform professionals of agreed processes between agencies to support young people in their transition between compulsory education and their chosen destination. The contents of this manual were developed in consultation with participating agencies in the WYC  project and refer to processes and materials available to each young person who resided or attended secondary college in the City of Whittlesea. Information contained in this manual may be useful to other communities contemplating the implementation of a Youth Commitment.

Author: Whittlesea Youth Commitment

Whittlesea Community Team Manual (311.25 kB)

Five Year Plan

A Five Year Plan which may be useful to other similar organisations. The plan answers their questions – where are we going? How will we get there? How will engage with each other and others to meet the needs of young people within the region?

Author: Whittlesea Youth Commitment

Sample Five Year Plan (113.9 kB)

Spirit of Cooperation Agreement

This agreement was the basis of the WYC and commits stakeholders to implementing an agreed strategic plan and should be adapted for each community. It was developed with partners of the local community including local government, tertiary and secondary education, employment services, community support agencies and employer representatives. This resource may be useful for those wishing to develop a similar agreement.

Author: Whittlesea Youth Commitment

Sample Spirit of Cooperation Agreement (115.46 kB)

Whittlesea Youth Commitment Benchmarks

The Benchmarks used by the Whittlesea Youth Commitment to evaluate their success and the success of the schools they worked with.

Author: Whittlesea Youth Commitment

Whittlesea Youth Commitment Benchmarks (90.72 kB)

Transition Broker Manual

In 2000, the Dusseldorp Skills Forum helped the WYC to establish a Transition Broker project. This resource guide outlines the approach taken by Transition Brokers working with the Whittlesea Youth Commitment. It was prepared in response to requests from school communities across Victoria during 2001, many of whom were beginning to develop new structures to assist early school leavers.

Author: Whittlesea Youth Commitment

Transition Broker Manual (455.37 kB)

Guide to Developing a Youth Commitment in Your Region

This manual is designed as a simple guide to those who are investigating the possibility of implementing a Youth Commitment in their Region/Area. It is based on the experiences of the City of Whittlesea in Victoria, Australia. Whittlesea commenced the path to a Youth Commitment late in 1998 and their experiences may be useful to other communities contemplating the implementation of a Youth Commitment

Author: Janelle Schloss

Guide to Developing a Youth Commitment in Your Region (1.01 MB)

Regional education, empoloyment & training agenda

This paper investigated  how the Whittlesea Youth Commitment attempted to address issues for young people relating to the transition from school to work. It analysed the achievements of the Whittlesea Youth Commitment and highlighted areas that still needed to be addressed at the time of writing.

Author: John Spierings

Developing a new regional education, employment & training agenda: early lessons from Whittlesea (96.48 kB)

A review of the Whittlesea Youth Commitment

This review was commissioned to document the development of the Whittlesea Youth Commitment, assess progress, and suggest how the Commitment could be strengthened. The findings are the result of a review of all key documents, a survey of all schools and other stakeholders involved, and interviews and discussions with students, early school leavers, transition brokers, employers and representatives of agencies involved.

Author: Peter Kellock

The Whittlesea Youth Commitment: A Review (630.47 kB)

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