We champion learning that is more engaging, inclusive and creative

The WorldSkills Foundation provides a global hub for skills development and innovation.

As part of the international WorldSkills movement, the WorldSkills Foundation mobilises people, organisations and communities who share a common interest in skills development to bring out the best in individuals, communities and educational institutions and make a real difference in the world.

Its purpose is to complement the international WorldSkills Competition where hundreds of young skilled people from around the world compete biennially in various trades and test themselves against rigorous international standards.

WorldSkills Foundation’s model of collaboration taps into the global WorldSkills network of past champions and other stakeholders who jointly contribute their time and expertise to selected cross border project initiatives that attest to the power of skills to generate real change and benefits to individuals and communities.

With the Dusseldorp Forum’s focus on ways to open the boundaries that constrain the educational opportunities for young people, it was a natural fit to join the WorldSkills Foundation and its vision to promote skills across the world.

Dusseldorp Forum has been a longstanding supporter of WorldSkills Australia which conducts skills competitions across the nation, and fields a team of young Australian champions at the international WorldSkills Competition.

Tjerk Dusseldorp is the founder and was the Chairman of the WorldSkills Foundation. Dusseldorp Forum, Festo, ROMI, RMIT University and the Skills Funding Agency were Founding Global Partners.

For more information visit: http://www.worldskillsfoundation.org/